Inu x Boku SS FIN

AHHHHHH…NOOOO…WHY DOES INU X BOKU SS HAVE TO END SO FAAAAAASTTTT….[*weeps*] The Ending was awesome though…sigh….I hate to watch anime endings…[ cause most likely I won’t be returning back to that particular anime and I won’t see its awesome-ness anymore.. :(:(:(:( ] Ahhhhhh……Why can’t it just drag longer………..[Oh yeah..I just realised that this year’s anime all ends at a pathetic number of 10-20 episodes…meaning that … Continue reading Inu x Boku SS FIN

Black Rock Shooter~~

Some Black Rock Shooter photos and figurines found on the net~ CHARACTERS BRS Strength Dead Master Dead Gold Saw Chariot [Can’t find any pictures of Chariot figmas….==” Personally, I’m not a fan of Chariot..cause of her feet having taken the form of wheels?….Maybe thats one of the reasons as to why they haven’t made her figma yet…o.o] Personally I like BRS and Strength’s looks and … Continue reading Black Rock Shooter~~


Misaka Mikoto~ : a.k.a Railgun, Electric princess, Biri-biri(shocker) The 3rd best in the whole Academy city~Obviously, she controls electricity and is a level 5.(the best levels…)[one of my favourite characters~~][she likes gekota alot…(some kind of frog toy thingy…)] Anime : To aru Kagaku no Railgun [a light novel from To aru Majutsu no Index(she appears in both animes though…)] Continue reading Misaka-sama~

Inu x Boku ss episode 10 & 11~~~~

To the viewers out there [and to myself], please forgive me for not fully updating a bunch of Inu x Boku ss episodes…..[was reading too much manga and didn’t watch all the episodes on their actual release dates…( I rushed through the remaining epidsodes in a few hours and thus decided to continue on with just this episode so please bear with me…) hehes..==lll] Inu … Continue reading Inu x Boku ss episode 10 & 11~~~~

Anime Motivation Pic~

This Pic seriously is awesome….And this is so definitely me….[ though I certainly don’t have many anime stuff at home…I do know more or less who or whats inside ] ….Lets see…There’s Bleach, Code Geass, D.gray man, Soul eater(?), FMA, KHR,  Tsubasa Reservoir Choronicles, Naruto, Beck, One Piece, Darker than Black, Air Gear…and Konata of course[Lucky Star]… Not sure whether its correct but here are … Continue reading Anime Motivation Pic~

Manga Updates~

I kinda updated the manga page abit…It still looks kinda empty…still, its better than the few lines I had in that page last time..[x.x] Currently it has… Komugi and the Cuisine of the World Boys Kikou Shoujo wa Kizutsukanai Shingeki no Kyojin Liar Game [So few manga…==] I shall…err…slowly try and do my best and update more manga!!!On the side note, I believe that I’ll … Continue reading Manga Updates~