Anime Motivation Pic~


This Pic seriously is awesome….And this is so definitely me….[ though I certainly don’t have many anime stuff at home…I do know more or less who or whats inside ] ….Lets see…There’s Bleach, Code Geass, D.gray man, Soul eater(?), FMA, KHR,  Tsubasa Reservoir Choronicles, Naruto, Beck, One Piece, Darker than Black, Air Gear…and Konata of course[Lucky Star]…

Not sure whether its correct but here are the answers~Taken from some random online SUPER OTAKU.[you’ll understand why he/she is a super otaku…] :

99% im correct on all of these. the only one i cant put a name to is that damn green notebook. i’ve seen it before and its killing me…

Air Gear: Air Treks
Bakuman: Nizuma and Mashiro’s pens
BECK: BECK concert poster(?)
Bleach: Zangetsu, Shinigami representative symbol
Code Geass: Cheese-kun , Geass, Lelouch poster
Darker Than Black: Hei’s mask Death Note: Death Note
D-Gray Man: Timcanpy, Allen’s scar
Full Metal Alchemist: Ed’s automail arm
Hikaru No Go: Go pieces
Katekyo Hitman Reborn: Leon, Hibird
Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya: Student Council band
Naruto: Konoha headband
One Piece: Luffy’s wanted poster
Pandora Hearts: Vincent Nightray poster
Samurai Champloo: Mugen’s sword
Soul Eater: Shinigami-Sama pin(?)
Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann : Yoko’s hairpin
Tsubasa Chronicles: Modoki (& anything else CLAMP-related to be honest)

BY : SUPER OTAKU [ which isn’t me(sadly to say…) I just copied this comment from the site I found…]

….This person is impressive….[Like seriously..O.O] Has no idea how he/she can relate the Go pieces and the pens and the hairpin and stuff to some anime….[Well, after knowing what they are more or less I guess they ARE correct…..seriously impressive…]

~The highly impressed otaku~

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