Inu x Boku ss episode 10 & 11~~~~

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25/03/2012 by Chibiotaku010

To the viewers out there [and to myself], please forgive me for not fully updating a bunch of Inu x Boku ss episodes…..[was reading too much manga and didn’t watch all the episodes on their actual release dates…( I rushed through the remaining epidsodes in a few hours and thus decided to continue on with just this episode so please bear with me…) hehes..==lll]

Inu x Boku ss episode 10~~~

ImageEpisode 10 talks about how Ririchyo wants to spend more time with Miketsukami( to understand him.) However, her fiancée just happens to come back from his ever so random trips, and drags her around everywhere.Thus she was unable to have a good time…[Karuta looked so cute~]

Image Random Photos

In episode 10, Kagerou’s as prominent as ever…His personality really is something…Always trying to prove that the world can be divided to 2 main components [S&M as usual.] Well, in a way you can consider him one of the most interesting characters in -all time anime-….[lols] As usual, when there are Kagerou episodes, there are Kagerou songs…[His songs are as……interestingly weird as ever..] Ah wells…he does make a good gag character…In my opinion that is….

Inu x Boku ss episode 11~~~


Basically in this episode they start talking alot about Miketsukami’s past in how he was always locked up in his house and how he wanted to desprately gain his freedom…[ thanks to being locked up in his ‘house’ ever since he was young and was unable to step out, he had no idea what ’emotions’ were and finally came to know about them when he became Kagerou’s servant.[ Kagerou somewhat ‘forced’ him to write those letters to Ririchyo and through those letters he managed to know and understand more about his own feelings and emotions.(Thats why he kept on saying that Ririchyo was the one who saved him…o.O) ] In the end it was revealed that Ririchyo did already knew that it wasn’t Kagerou who wrote those letters.[Kagerou would’ve written something like…’be my sex slave’ or something like that…==lll]

Image-How Ririchyo was like when she was young- [As arrogant-looking as ever~](Tsundere?!)


Yeaps, to all people out there, please continue supporting this anime~[cause its nice…] If you haven’t watched it, than do try~ [ If you find it boring you should seriously watch those episodes where Kagerou makes his appearance…Its hilarious.~


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