……I’m not that huge of a fan of naruto….still, this image looks remarkably good…just like the anime kakashi…..sighs…has never thought much about cosplaying..yet…it looks very fun…and cool..[going to a convention and seeing everyone dressed up as anime/otaku related stuff is really cool……~] maybe I can try it someday….when I have more money….==

2 thoughts on “Cosplay..?

  1. This is AWSOME! I love this character from Naruto, but I’ve never seen a better cosplay before! Kakashi’s cosplays are usually big hair and they’re horrible… Well, I found one who was nearly perfect last year, I’ll post his picture on my profile, I guess.

  2. Its hard to find an awesome cosplay these days…x.x I wouldn’t mind trying out cosplay…but…I guess I don’t really have the time or the money…sighs…$.$

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