Anime – Weapons~

Do you remeber any of these weapons…?


I have no idea what most of the weapons are….the only ones which I can make out are…Nanoha [her magic wand/staff thingy…] and cardcaptor sakura [another wand-like thingy]…I have no idea or remembrance as to what the rest is… .____.lll

3 thoughts on “Anime – Weapons~

  1. The ungainly black and silver pistols belong to Alucard of Hellsing, and the sword with the blue and gold hilt and scabbard belong to Saber of Fate/Stay NIght. Other than that, I have no idea. I must say, you’ve got quite a nice blog here.

    1. Thanks alot~The site isn’t really frequented by many people…Though I’m glad that finally some people actually take notice of this site…[…hehes.] Good luck with your site too~!

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