These days can’t really use much of the computer..==

These days getting more hooked to manga than anime….[cause its waaaay faster to scoll through the parts volumes…(though anime is nicer….but it does eat up more time…==lll)]

If I DO watch anime these few days….would anyone recommend me some?[I wonder…] Would like something along the action genre these days…and comedy…~~

WARNING Angel Beats spoiler here~….

Angel Beats is still a pretty good anime….the comedy was awesome….and I still love Iwasawa… *weeps*

She is awesome…cool…and impressive~~~GDM FTW~o.o [IWASAWA~~~*fan mode currently turned on*]

Bwahahahahahahahas….awesome chair-flying moment….

Ultimate Sacrifice Moment….~[with some random song which I just so happened to skip…==lll]

~The stressed out otaku…~

[pardon me for being too bored…x.x]



2 thoughts on “Arghh..

  1. Ah! Angel Beats is such a joy to watch! The rocket-propelled chairs and the series of sacrifices made in order to save the real Angel were two of the funniest sequences in it. I also fondly remember the baseball game.

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