Best Male Characters all time?

….Hmm..I saw this post on facebook with the caption :

Who are Male Anime Characters can be match up with USUI TAKUMI?
…Let me see…
Err…yeah thats, impressive Usui who can wow the hearts of the girls……and Lets see the OTHER characters which can rival him…
Sebastian Michaelis.The Demon.The Butler.The Bodyguard.The Professional.
Lelouch Lamperouge.The Genius.The Manipulator.The Mastermind
Takishima Kei.The Prodigy.The Popular.The Invincible.
Hibari Kyoya.The Strict.The Protector.The All-impressing.
Kyouhei Takano.The Bishounen.The Mystifying(?) The Athletic.
……Basically a bunch of them which I know of…Though Kyouhei was added to my list after seeing a bunch of people vote for him on fb…He’s … okay I guess…Not really my pick…I seriously wouldn’t mind Lelouch, Sebastian, or Kei….[ by the way you realise that there is not a single guy with the words...’The Gentle‘ …You see, these people aren’t really gentle…compared to…Kazehaya Shota [main guy in Kimi ni Todoke.] Now that’s what I call gentle….hmm…might as well add him to the list…
Last but not least,
Kazehaya Shota.The Innocent(?) The Honest.The Gentle. [Refreshing like a spring breeze~?…Guess these kind of characters don’t lose out either…~o.o]

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