Death Note – Light

Realised that I didn’t post much of any pics on Light..So…


The last pic shows exactly what Light can easily do…to just kill people without thinking that its bad.[though I don’t get the one with L…

Anyways….He’s basically a person who believes in his so-called ‘justice’, who thinks that he’s some kind of god-like creature who can choose who to kill and to easily control the world.[with the help of his death note..] He ended up killing his father….[I was expecting that part….yet was still kinda surprised…] And why did the shinigami have to kill L……[*weeps*] The 2nd season talks about L’s successors and about the both of them working together to prove that Light is just some crazy, psycho, and sadistic maniac.

Left : Near      Right : Mello      Together : L’s successors.

L will prevail~ o.o


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