Detective Conan~ randomness…

Anyone watched Detective Conan?~ I do, well…its not bad if you’re a mystery lover….though the episodes are currently like…at around 600++ and are still running on…? O.o…I watched a whole bunch of them..[though I did skip some…]… Its nice…just that you have to keep waiting for the new releases and stuff…and that there are times where you can’t find the episode which you want to watch…[there used to be a site dedicated to detective conan…but now its gone..o.o] Basically about a guy name Kudo Shinichi who went to try and follow and nab some drug dealers…but ended up eating the drug which was thought to kill people….yet he was found….shrunk and kid-sized….Thus, its about how he solves mysteries in his child-like body with his adult mind….

Anyways…This was really cool….A Detective Conan train car thingy? Awesome.It would be nice if they could have some kind place which is dedicated fully to Detective Conan….meaning that there would be fake bodies, fake mysteries, and fake blood(?) …mystery lovers would love the place….~~

On the left is Kudo Shinichi…or is it Conan? Ah wells, same person. On the right is…..Kaito Kid~ The best kind of thief who steals stuff and returns them after that.[He’s not all bad, he just likes to carry on his father’s name(his father was a thief as well) and unveil some mysteries behind the works of art….and the fakes.] He usually works together with Conan~ And he’s awesome too~

By the way, if you were to watch the very 1st episode, you may like to watch the latest episode as well….the contrast of the years of technology is quite huge….and the DUB voices are horrible.

I know I haven’t been posting much recently…==lll

4 thoughts on “Detective Conan~ randomness…

  1. That’s a nice little article on Detective Conan. It’s fun, but the mysteries are a little shallow. At least, they honestly give the viewer a chance to solve them before the detective reveals everything. 🙂 I only watched a few of these episodes. Hard to stick with any series that long.

    I’d recommend reading Arthur Conan Doyle’s Sherlock Holmes over this. The mysteries are better.

    1. Err…I tried reading Sherlock Holmes….but it was too…hard for me to understand and stuff….==lll…Agatha Christie’s books are and easier level for me to read….their not bad too~

      1. Never read one of Agatha’s Christie’s works, but I do remember watching an episode from a TV series about a Belgian detective, which was based on her work. It was entertaining, but not as much as Sherlock Holmes, which, I admit, is a little difficult to read. I read an annotated version, which helped in deciphering some of the more difficult parts. You should give that a shot.

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