Katekyo Hitman Reborn~ randomness

Katekyo Hitman Reborn~ Not bad of a show[quite popular in fact.] , though the ending was…. kinda simplistic for me…[I have no idea if that’s good or not…] anyways~ KHR talks about Tsunayoshi Sawada, a boy who was chosen to be the Vongola’s [some mafia..] boss.[he was some kind of great-great-great-great grandson….] Thus, in order to train him to be a good boss for the mafia, the most powerful hitman, Reborn, was sent to ‘tutor’ him…Therefore, Tsuna, from a coward-like weakling, slowly learns to overcome obstacles with Reborn’s help and to become a respectable boss…

Tsuna when he first started meeting Reborn….he was pretty much of a coward…definitely not someone who you would expect to have Mafia blood flowing within him….[I actually wondered how I managed to survive the first 20 or so episodes with him…though he IS kind…and ended up to be brave enough to help others around him..]

Tsuna in his transformed mode…[this looks waaaaaaaaaaay better than his normal self..which is kinda sad…but yeah.] He turned out to be so much more powerful..This was when he finally lurned his strengths and weaknesses and stuff.. Everyone who watches this should notice it…but he looks exactly like the first Vongola boss…

Okay…maybe not THAT alike…but they do have a very strong resemblance…[left : Tsuna.right : Primo(the 1st boss)] Primo’s awesome…~

Characters~ :

Vongola Family~ : People in the photo…Tsuna (the boss..), Reborn (cute yet scary), Gokudera(white-haired-guy-who’s super loyal to Tsuna.), Ryohei (guy-who likes to get into fights(?)), Chrome Dokuro (the only girl~), Rokudo Mukuro (kinda linked to Chrome.If you notice, their names are mixed around too…KU-RO-MU.DO-KU-RO (Chrome Dokuro) and RO-KU-DO.MU-KU-RO (Rokudo Mukuro) Its kinda cool…though thats not really the point….Next is Lambo.(thats the adult version of him…the original was some 5 year old brat who came with the intent of killing Reborn…yet ends up crying…)…After that, its Hibari.(the cold-hearted person who cares about his school more than anyone and anything else…oh yeah,there’s Hibird too…though that doesn’t really count..) Last of all, is Takeshi Yamamoto (the guy who smiles alot…he’s good at a whole bunch of sports..and handles the sword well..) Thats all inside here…I think…[thinking of reading the manga…looks nice~]

Next up, the Arcobaleno~ :

The Arcobaleno are in a way, like some kind of guardians in the show…The Arcobaleno (lit. Rainbow) is a group made up of World’s Strongest “I Prescelti Sette,” which translates to the “Selective Seven”, who each possess a pacifier that represent the different colors of the rainbow, with each color corresponding with their respective Dying Will Flames. Their Pacifiers will glow when a member is near another Arcobaleno. The Arcobaleno were transformed from adults into their infant and current forms.Each of them has their own unique “curse” and specific abilities, as well as the ability to emit the Dying Will Flame throughout their entire body, as well as each having an Animal Partner, except Lal Mirch, Aria, and Yuni. They are mentioned to have taken on an Arcobaleno Curse themselves in order to protect the Tri-Ni-Set (7³), or “ultimate power.” They cannot age or die due to old age, though the Sky Arcobaleno(Yuni) would be an exception..Additionally, if one or more Arcobaleno dies, the Sky Arcobaleno, if still alive, can resurrect them by sacrificing his or her own life. (taken from the…reborn wiki ) If you read more about it, Colonello (guy with yellow hair) isn’t suppose to have this curse…though he sacrificed(?) himself in order to help his friend(?),Lal Mirch from the curse…

Okay….somehow I feel that I’m getting long-winded and draggy….[thats me when it comes to anime..] hehes.~

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