DS games….?

Don’t ask me whats with all the random posts….I seriously have no idea what to post sometimes….[thats why the number of posts being posted are decreasing…] hehes….

DS games….[I’m kind of a gamer…though I don’t really play games like shooting and stuff…my aiming is horrible.(sorry to the non-gamers out there for now…seriously has no idea what to post…] There’s this new game which looks really cool….called Shin Megami Tensei 2 (Devil Survivor 2)…The characters look really cool and nice…

I played Devil Survivor 1 (haven’t really found 2 yet..)…and I must say, it was pretty nice…if  I’m correct, every decision you make is fatal in the game as each decision has a different outcome…so its kinda cool…

In the midst of a hot Tokyo summer, the city is plunged into chaos when a series of mysterious accidents force the government to lock everything down under quarantine.(a lock down..) With the military preventing any entry or exit, the people trapped inside are left defenseless against the demonic forces that have begun to run rampant–all except for you. Armed with customized portable computers called COMPs received from your reclusive hacker cousin, you and your friends have gained the ability to summon demons of your own. But even with your newfound powers, escaping Tokyo and surviving what may be the end of the world are going to take time–time that you don’t have much of.With utter catastrophe rumored to strike in seven days, you’ll be investigating the various districts of Tokyo for possible escape routes all while trying to find ways to keep your life from being cut even shorter.(you’ll also be able to help save some lives…and extend your own life limit if you manage to do the correct things…) In this game, objective is basically to keep yourself alive, by leveling you and your demons up…OR you can fuse your demons together to create another more powerful demon…(it sounds pretty gross…yet kinda cool..) There’s also an auction where you can buy demons…all of these take place in the COMPS.

The video above is Devil Survivor Overclocked…I don’t think its exactly the same, but the things like the auction and the fusion are around there…[though this one looks cooler too…o.o]

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