Kami sama no Memo-chou ~

Kami sama no Memo-chou~ [God’s notepad] I decided to continue following up on this anime..[as I couldn’t find much of anything thing to do..] Why I chose to continue watching this anime 1st? …Well…Let’s just say I like anime girls with long black hair and are small and cute..==lll [In a way, I’m kind of a lolicon…]

Shionji Yuko, who’s known as ‘Alice’…is just so small and cute..her seiyuu is awesome too~ [Ogura Yui~] she’s smart, petite, and hates stepping out from her house…her house is awesome too..Basically it consists of…a whole lot of electronic stuff like computers and monitors, her bed, her load of stuffed toys..(in which she claimed are her good friends…) , her washing machine, and fridge containing Dokupe and nothing else.[some kind of drink..]

Anyways…She’s like some leader of this group of NEET detectives..[I can’t recall what that means..]..There’s…Ichinomiya Tetsuo [Tetsu] , the ex-boxer who’s addicted to gambling, Mukai Hitoshi [Major] , who appears to be an elementary student..(though he’s actually a university student..wearing camouflauge clothes and stuff..), and lastly, Kuwabara Hiroaki [Hiro] whose popular with many girls and has many girlfriends at the same time…In addition, the main character, Fujishima Narumi, a regular high school student who later gets introduced to Hanamaru [The shop where the people of the NEET agency always gather at..] ,and also the people there.

Well, there are a whole bunch of other characters…like the people in Hanamaru and the rest of the other characters which would pop in afterwards…

ahh~ thats all for now~ Kami sama no Memo-chou certainly is not bad….except for the mystery and detective parts..The mystery stuff can’t match up to the rest…like Detective Conan and Spiral….[though D.C’s mysteries are sometimes a bit too…hardcore…] It’s still nice with the characters and random plots though~~


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