There are many many people who are imprtant in the anime industry…one of them are the SERIYUUs~

Also known as voice actors/actresses, they are awesome people use only their voice to enable the plot to be more engaging and entertaining~


Hirano Aya : Mostly the shoujo girl’s voice~  Personalit of the people which she mostly portray = RANDOM.

Kugimiya Rie : Yes. She’s definitely the queen of TSUNDERE. though I didn’t know she voiced as Elphonse from FMA…O.o..Shana, Louise, Taiga, ans Nagi are all hardcore tsundere characters~

Tanaka Rie : She DOES have a beautiul voice~ the songs which she sung in GSD were not bad.. and by the way, I don’ remember Hibird and Uri (from Katekyo Hitman Reborn) having to do any voicing at all….XD

Miyano Mamoru : He’s gooooood..Portrays many anime characters…all with totally different voices in which have many different personalities…[didn’t expect them all to be the same actor..] Eg..Suou Tamaki DOES NOT SOUND ANYTHING LIKE Kiryuu Zero…then again…they have awesome voice techinques~~

THEIR AWSOME. is all I can manage right now…~.~



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