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11/06/2012 by Chibiotaku010

Just started watching Acchi Kocchi…[trying to clear up the bunch of anime which I find nice this year…especially those which came out…]

Anyways~…..ACCHI KOCCHI IS JUST SO CUUUUUTEEEE [I’m sorry…I just can’t help it…overwhelming cuteness~~~ ]

Main bunch of characters~~ :

This is Miniwa Tsumiki, the main female protaginist. She’s small, petite, cute, and is kinda tsundere~ She has this crush on Io, and everytime Iogives her a pat on the head, or she happens to think some stuff about him, he grows cat ears…[which looks super cute.. XD] Oh yeah, even though she’s small, she’s super strong…[which you can tell from just the beginning of the show..] That personality resembles Aisaka Taiga [Toradora~] And yes, she looks slot like Konata from Lucky Star…o.O~~

Annnd~ this is Otonashi Io, the main male protaginist. He’s kind, and sometimes, abit dense…. He is oblivious to Tsumiki’s crush on him, but she is the closest girl to him regardless. He is usually seen spinning a pen with his hand, often fast enough to catch Mayoi’s surprise at his hand’s speed. [pen spinning looks freakishly cool…]

Katase Mayoi~ She’s good at machinery and electronics, seen mostly with a labcoat on, and is a prankster…Loves teasin Tsumiki about her relationship with Io~ and ends up getting injured at the end..Sometimes, she likes doing things weirdly…like putting frog meat in valentines day chocolate just to surprise them….[won’t want to taste that….] Still have yet to see a glimpse of her eyes…~.~..[by the way, I like her accent..]

Inui Sakaki. He makes up the prankster duo with Mayoi. [both of them are always giving epic(?) jokes..] His and Mayoi’s personalities are kind of similar…Sakaki’s sister [Miiko] owns a patisserie where he and Io also work at.~~

Haruno Hime. Someone who’s really dense, really clumsy, and really gullible. Whenever she gets flustered [mostly by Tsumuki’s cute actions..] she always nosebleeds…Basically, an innocent airhead~

So far…these are the bunch of characters which are in the plot~ There are still others, though these are the few which I shall just talk about for now~ Hmm….come to think of it…I believe that the reason why I like this anime…is because…1. Its funny and about everyday happenings in life. 2. The characters…are kinda chibi-sized and cute.. hehes.~

Bunch of random photos~…o.O

Tsumiki’s amazing strength~ ~~

Oh yeah~ the opening’s really cute too~ ~.~


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