There have been this huge number of posts on Tsundere, yandere and kuudere stuff on my FB random otaku stuff which I liked recently…[ The FB group I’mm referring to is called “school of otakus” and well..their awesome~ post anime stuff every few minutes and have these bunch of anime quizzes and stuff…(so if you’re a hardcore otaku you can like them or something..and you’ll get spammed by otaku related stuff every few minutes..XD]

Well anyway, I got kinda interested the tsundere part which they were talking about…like….which of the 3 do you think are the best? tusndere, yandere, or kuudere? (for the people out there who don’t know the meanings go google or wiki it..) yandere’s waaaay to scary and freaky for me….[like Gasai Yuno from Mirai Nikki..] kuuderes are actually not bad…though they tend to have no expressions other than…the…-pokerface- …so…basically tsunderes are the best? XD

The most popular tsunderes are mosly voiced by one person…KUGIMIYA RIE.

From left to right : Hayate (Hayate no Gotoku) , Louis (Zero no Tsukaima), Shana (Shakugan no Shana), Taiga (Toradora!)

With her cute voice, and the loli characters which always tend to blush and stuff, its no wonder she’s a famous tsundere seiyuu~[she DOES do a bunch of other characters…though these are her more famous few…and their all tsunderes..] (the loli fan is here..~.~)

well…if you seriously don’t know what tsundere is…eh…

hmmm…does this explain it? XD….tsun…well, wiki says ‘tsun tsun’ means to turn away in disgust…[I have no idea if this is correct..]  but ‘dere dere’ means to be embarassed [110% correct. :D] thus, the 2 combined together would then become..TSUNDERE..[I feel too over-dramatic…~~] There are MANY characters whom are tsundere~ so take note of their personalities~ ~~

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