Arcana Famiglia~~

YAY~ Arcana Famiglia IS OUT….~~~

From left to right : Nova, Pache, Jolly, Felicitá, Dante, Liberto, Debito and Luca

Its a show which revolves around this organisation called the Arcana Famiglia. They basically protect the streets against crimminals and threats. Each character in the family has made a deal with’Tarocco’ [I have no idea what that is..] to gain their Arcana Powers. (as said from the show) Each of them thus, made a deal with a card, causing them to have abilities…(err.. there’s invisibility, strength, and heart-reading for now…(?) )

Anyways~ First episode talks about Arcana Famiglia’s “Papa” saying that its time for him to retire. Thus, he holds this ‘Arcana Duello’ in which everyone with Arcana Powers must take part in..The winner will be the successor. They will be granted a wish and would have to be married to the Papa’s only daughter, Felecitá. Felecitá strongly objects to it though.. Nova and Liberto don’t exactly like the idea of it either. Thus, one of the three would have to win the Arcana Duello, and be granted a wish…..o.o

~~ Don’t mess with them ~ XD



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