Konata & Miniwa .___.

RANDOMNESS. >< [only my viewpoints desu.]

Lately there is this topic on rip-offs and stuff…[which to me, feels kinda saddening as an otaku…]

yeah~ on the left is Konata Izumi~[Lucky Star] and on the right is Tsumiki Miniwa~[Acchi Kocchi]

a bunch of people have been saying that Tsumiki’s a rip-off from Konata…o.o…[Its supposed to be a…’who-do-you-like-more-thing’..]

Well, in my opinion you can’t call them a rip-off unless their 99% similar…in terms of both looks and personalities…Well, a ton of people judge by ‘looking’ [which is seriously seriously sad…] …They DO look the same…in both height and style…but their personalities are waaay different… Konata is some outgoing otaku… whereas Tsumiki is a tsundere and is known for her moe-ness.. I guess, the one thing that seriously ties them together…is their hairstyles…both of them have the twirly whirly thingy..[I have no idea what I’m supposed to call it..]  In the end…their not exactly the same…[as can be seen from below…XD] [and please do not say something is a rip-off of another…unless you watched the 2 animes already or something..and their both equally alike…=.=]

Its my viewpoint but…I guess people shouldn’t judge stuff based on their appearances…[‘never judge the book by its cover’..or something like that?] ._________.


As to who who I like more? well…Konata’s the ambassador of anime…and with that, I feel that would make Tsumiki and ambassador of cats or somehthing?? [I love cats by the way…*so cute~*] so….It would be nice if both of them fused together or something.. (x.x)~

*may peace & harmony revolve around the world~* \(^-^)/

3 thoughts on “Konata & Miniwa .___.

  1. That whirly-twirly thing of hair on their heads is usually referred to as an ‘ahoge’ (foolish hair), and is usually specifically placed on characters that are lighthearted, silly, bumbling or carefree…

      1. I agree! I generally really enjoy characters that have an ahoge. As well, I agree with you completely! Konata is completely different from Tsumiki, other than general physical characteristics (like the similarities in the side-by-side). I love both of them for very different reasons… Konata- well, she’s always great for a laugh from her teasing Kagami(-sama!) to karaokes of anime theme songs.
        Tsumiki- Well, besides the mild tsundere and love responses to Io, and the devastating attacks on Mayoi (the snowball fight!! ^_^ ), she’s just fun to watch and is as cute as possible whether ahoge OR nekomimi!

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