Sword Art Online [SAO]

Sword Art Online…reminds me of a whole lot of anime…Hack [Roots..Sign…etc..o.o] ..and Accel World..

Anyways…A new game, Sword Art Online was recently released and all 10 000 copies of the game were instantly sold out in seconds..The game’s really special, being a virtual reality game after all…There’s this thing called the NerveGear (some kind of head gear system..) which lets you play your game through your nerves…[thoughts…etc.]

Kirito [the main character~] thus starts playing the new game…He met this guy called Klein and started teaching him the basics on how to play the game…However, after awhile, while assessing the menu, they realised that the log out button disappeared.. O.O…soon, they got transported to this huge hall, [Aincrad] to see that all the other players of the game were also forcefully transported too. And after that…the GM [game master] finally appeared..[the way in which he appeared was so…ewwy…(as can be seen from below..)]

After appearing, the GM thus, continues on to tell them that he has made this game such that they will have to clear it by completing all 100 levels of this tower thingy…also, they can’t take off the Nerve Gear their wearing to exit the game…as by doing so, the transmitter inside the NerveGear will emit a powerful microwave destroying your brain and thus, ending your life..[ = they have no way to go back to the real world.(213 people have already died as their families attempted to remove their NerveGear..)] ….

Whats more? When your HP [Hit points..(health points..)] diminishes to zero, your avatar will be lost forever. There would be no way to revive your avatar and simultaneously, the NerveGear would destroy your brain…

One Last Thing..the only way to escape from the game and come out alive, is to CLEAR the game.[apparently, not as easy as it sounds.] From the lowest floor of Aincrad(floor 1), they would have to slowly make their through the dungeon and defeat the Floor Boss to advance to the next floor. By defeating the Final Boss on Floor 100, will they then be able to clear the game….

Thus~ the ‘game’ starts for Kirito..as he goes to the other parts of the town to start training…[He had to leave Klein with his friends…]

*still waiting for the main female protagonist to appear ~~ high hopes for this anime~ >.<~*

The Otaku Gamer…o.o

2 thoughts on “Sword Art Online [SAO]

  1. Fell in love with the first episode! The female protagonist appeared in the first episode among the crowd, just for a short while! Paid full attention in catching her while I was watching it! ^_ ^ )

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