Another otaku freak…..XD~


I wish my room were like that..so many figurines..[enough to open a shop by himself…o.o~ ] @.@… this person must be super rich or something…the manga collection is awesome too……and posters~ .___. I WANT MY ROOM TO BE LIKE THAT TOO~ though I think I would go bankrupt collecting anime stuff… o.o.o~~


3 thoughts on “otakuness…

  1. Ah, figurines and posters are hardly bread and butter to an otaku though. I would be much more impressed if, instead of figurines, the walls were lined with anime DVDs and manga. That’s the way for an otaku to spend his cash! Though, the posters are pretty nice, especially the one with Yomiko Readman.

    1. o.o..~ true…though the figurines are nice…@.@ [they are much nicer when a guest comes over and sees that your house is filled with stuff like that…XD] and yeah~ DVDs and manga are awesome too~ you could open a shop or something with all that…~~

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