SAO [#2]

Sword Art Online Episode 2~ well… the plots still good as before~

this time round, there was this huge problem with the normal players and the beta testers….[they had this huge argument caused by this dumb old man..=.=]

His name’s Kibaou….and basically he’s the one that started the arguments on the beta testers and stuff…talking about how they knew the easy quests and hunting spots and not sharing their knowledge with the beginners….well, all that was resolved soon afterwards…but the main part was afterwards….when they were on their journey to try to conquer the first floor’s boss…

Diabel, their party leader, died due to some change in information [the weapon of the boss was different from the beta test o.o]…and as Kirito was one of the beta testers…he knew realised the change.[yet wasn’t fast enough to help Diabel.]

Well, after Diabel died, they DID manage to conquer the last boss…however after that, Kibaou just had to start blaming the beta testers on Diabel’s death….Kirito thus left the group…. ._____. [it was pretty sad to see him walking away so sadly…having to be the ‘bad guy’ and take all the blame…or something like that.. (reminds me of code geass…o.o) ]


……Anyways…Asuna finally appeared~~

pretty, awesome, and cool…. :D~ gonna be under one of my favourite female characters… ~~

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