One Piece and Naruto…are they really that good? O.o…I have tried watching the 1st season of Naruto..but when other anime came out….I guess you could say I kinda gave up on it.. .___.  One Piece is….well…okaay I guess…[basically you could say that I am kinda impatient when it comes to waiting for anime to come out each week..x.x…]

Anyways~ These titles are all pretty familiar to me….except for Uchuu Kyoudai and Bakuman [people have been telling me to watch Bakuman..o.o]… Kimi ni Todoke is getting super popular thanks to its romance I believe…[the anime was nice~] Kuroko no Basuke is rising~~ Fairy Tail’s starting to remind me of the rest of those looong shounen animes… .___.  Bokura ga Ita is….err…okaaaay I guess…==lll and finally…SHINGEKI NO KYOJIN…bwahahahas….one of the best(?) gory mangas…[or something horror-like anyways…]…it didn’t give me nightmares….but I guess you can say I imagine looking out from the window and seeing the eye of a giant staring directly into my face…[waiting to eat me… >___<]

I’m not really a good manga otaku…[eg. if I watch an anime I don’t exactly bother reading the manga….unless the anime ending just suddenly stops…and the plot is really exciting…==lll]


2 thoughts on “O.O…Manga~~

  1. Well, I could never bring myself to get into One Piece or Naruto. And the bigger these series get, the less inclined I am to begin them. But it is nice seeing Hunter x Hunter and Fairy Tail on the list. If only I had more time to read manga!

    1. Yeah…same here…I end up spending my time on some other anime or manga…[mostly cause i feel that having to find the parts where you have to continue on the mange from the anime is troublesome…and that re-visiting the scenes are a waste of time.. .___.] and yes~ Hunter x Hunter is nice too~ [haven’t watched the new season’s one yet though..o.o]

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