ahhhh~~~ +_______+

been awhile since I posted anything…[there was something wrong with the social media sites on my bro’s comp…T___T]

anyways…SAO ep 3 is out…and well, its okaaaay I guess…o.o..many reviewers say that the anime progresses waaaaay too fast compared to the manga….but then again, animes are always like that.. .___. I guess I may TRY reading the manga…cause they say its pretty different from the anime….Anyways…

In this episode, the Red-Nosed-Reindeer, Kirito finds himself joining this guild called the ‘Black Cats’. [He saved them from a bunch of monsters…o.o]


The leader Keita invites Kirito into the guild, however Kirito hides his true level from them, claiming that he’s at a much lower level. [he didn’t want any other problems to occur…] However, when Keita decided to buy a house, the others decide to go to a dungeon to train…And while training, they trigger a monster house within a hidden door.. Outnumbered and outclassed, Kirito had to fight his way through as he helplessly watches the members die one by one, with Sachi dying last…someone whom he had vowed to protect…


After Keita heard the news….he just suicided… .___.


That Christmas Eve, a Christmas event was held..Kirito thus decides to go after a rumoured revival item said to be dropped by a Christmas boss [a very very evil looking Santa..] , and plans to solo it in order to claim the last attack. Klein helps him fend off the other guilds interested in the boss, and is met by Kirito soon after, who tosses him the item, which turned out to be useless in saving Sachi. [The item only revives a person 10 seconds after he/she dies…]  Kirito thus blames himself…for hiding his true level…[which caused him to be unable to save them in time..]


…Going back to his house, he finds a goodbye message, and a song, recorded from Sachi….[the song…can be guessed from the title of the episode…….o.o ]


~a melncholic episode~ T__T

– whatever happened to Asuna… o___o – [thinks that I should read the manga after the anime ends…don’t know when that will be though..o.o]

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