Anime Deaths…


o.o…Code Geass, Naruto, Angel Beats, Clannad, FMA(?), Death Note(?),  Pandora Hearts, and another which I don’t really know..[3 of them are from Code Geass..T__T]..and yeah…when your favourite anime character dies….the next thing you know, you’ll be clutching the computer screen and shouting.. ” NOOOOOOOOOO……….T_____T ” or something like that…[ when Lelouch died I was really teary-eyed…any other characters in which you couldn’t help crying for? [Clannad is one of the most touching animes if I’m correct…haven’t finished it yet though..

Oh yeah…I found this awesome quote on FB. [yeah…I got it from FB as usual…I have too many sources..x.x]

Anyways…~ :

Death is just a illusion. Someone is truly dead when he/she is forgotten. They live on in our memories.

this quote was just very nice….cause its TRUE.. ^^~

4 thoughts on “Anime Deaths…

  1. That poster’s missing a couple of the saddest deaths in anime. *Spoilers ahead* They come from Scrapped Princess and Claymore.

    It was such a tragic moment when Teresa of the Faint Smile died. And the scene where Pacifica Casull’s mother died, without Pacifica even realizing that she was her mother, brought grown men to tears. (Yes, I was among them.)

    *Another spoiler* Then there was the pseudo-death in Solty Rei. One really felt one’s heart sink when Rose was buried in rubble after finally acknowledging Roy as her father.

    1. O.o…I have watched neither…though I think that I may start watching Scrapped Princess first…
      Saddest deaths…well, I guess you could say there are many under the genre of action…though to find a truly moving one would be hard…[ as for me, I watch more on the comedy side of anime…so I guess seeing characters die will be somewhat rarer…] ~.~

      1. You’d certainly not be disappointed with either show. I consider both classics. But Scrapped Princess has a much lighter mood, which makes the tragic scenes hit one harder. It derives from a series of light novels by Ichiro Sakaki, who’s also responsible for Strait Jacket and is a household name in Japan. If only they were willing to turn Strait Jacket into an anime series as well! Instead of just tantalizing us with that OVA!

      2. yeah…I wonder why they won’t turn some of the OVAs into animes…I guess it depends on the popularity and stuff….either that or they think that OVAs are enough to suffice for otakus.. .____.

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