…This is totally random…..but anyways…mine is love, experience, and power….o.o~~

There are a whole lot of others…popularity…youth…humour…intelligence…honesty..friends..freedom..happiness..beauty..money……..lust? O.o..etc..

If only someone would make a kind puzzle which is the same as this for an otaku…I think the first words all otakus would want to find are anime, manga, and other otaku-related stuff.. o.o.o

3 thoughts on “randomness…?

  1. Success, health, and experience. Oddly enough, I’m feeling rather bored with my life at the moment and thinking that I should exercise more and eat better. There might actually be something to that poster…

    1. ~~ well, I guess if you decide to eat better and exercise, you’ll be healthier, and have more experience with stuff in terms of how to keep yourself fitter and such…and afterwards…you’ll be able to be more successful in life? XD~ [random linking of the words…~~]

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