dammit….getting lazy to post stuff….@.@

just made this random twitter account though…==lll I’m horrible with twitter….

ChibiOtaku010   <<<for people who still want to follow me? ><lll [I won’t really post much stuff up actually…]

1st, there’s a word limit…

2nd, you can’t really post videos directly on the site…

3rd, I can’t think of anything random to write… .___. [this is the most horrible one…]

Basically just getting twitter for the sake of following others….[I BARELY have any followers, so its seriously more for following..]

…. .___. even tumblr feels better….though I don’t know how to operate it in such a way that its easy as well….



.____________. Now I’m posting weird random pictures…goes to show that I currently have no idea what to do and post…


[randomness starts with a blank mind..ChibiOtaku…]

4 thoughts on “….x.x

  1. Those were some amusing pictures. If you’re interested in watching Jubei-chan II, I’m sure that it will give you some ideas on what to post on. The fact that the plot and characters are so bad and that the gags fall flat so often makes for excellent blogging material. To balance that out, the fights are some of the greatest and most extravagant ever animated.

    But, the show is sure to give you plenty of facepalm moments. 🙂

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