I went to check facebook…and just realised that today’s Hatsune Miku’s birthday.. OAO [From : SGcafe =w=~] HAPPY BIRTHDAY MIKU ~tanjobi omedeto~ [From : S.O.O (school of otakus) oAo] The many expressions of Hatsune Miku~ which of all of them are your facourite? =w=~…mine would be ‘in front of something they hate’, ‘bashful’, and ‘impatient’….the rest look weird.. o__o   shall just post some videos…=w= … Continue reading MIKU

OwOlll [getting even more random..=w=]

Today’s Teachers’ Day~~[my school calls it Appreciation Day…and it sounds better anyways…] So anyway…Happy Appreciation Day to all the random viewers out there who view my blog-site~ Thanks a lot for spending even just a few minutes to actually take the time to view this weird otaku’s site… TwT… Anyways….Today I just went back to my Primary School to say hello to my past Awesome … Continue reading OwOlll [getting even more random..=w=]


Has anyone watched K-on! the movie? [O.o~] I haven’t watched it yet…though I may watch it soon… XD~  Thats Yui for you…as blur as always… Well anyways, a little briefing to the people who didn’t watch K-on… Its basically about 4 Japanese high school girls…[ Akiyama Mio, Hirasawa Yui, Tainaka Ritsu, and Kotobuki Tsumugi] They joined their school’s light music club to prevent it from … Continue reading K-on!


Vocaloid~ [I said I was going to do this post sometime…o.O] Just a short intro to vocaloid only though..o.o There are some things related to them which I don’t even understand about.. o___o Anyways~ To the people out there who still don’t know what Vocaloid is…well~ here it is~ [OwO] Vocaloid…well, its a singing synthesizer and was developed through a joint research project led by Hideki … Continue reading VOCALOID

Anime CHIBI Interrogation Game~ [OAO]

*NOTE* I have never tried this before…so forgive me if I get random…..XD And no, I didn’t even know that somewhere out there in the world of Internet anime interrogations are taking place… o.olll..Well anyways, I went to several other blogs and saw a whole bunch of Anime Interrogation chain game…o.o~ So…Medieval Otaku tagged me to this game~ \(o.0)/ ~arigato gozaimashita~  Rules of the Game … Continue reading Anime CHIBI Interrogation Game~ [OAO]

Keroro Gunso~~ [Sir Yes Sir!]

Recently just started watching some random episodes of Keroro Gunso from TV…and well, I don’t really get the plot…though its still lame enough for me to watch…XD After the couple of episodes which I have watched, I still don’t really get why the humans,[Hinata Family] have to take care of  a bunch of alien frogs….but..Oh wells~ [Left to Right] There’s Sergeant Keroro, and also four … Continue reading Keroro Gunso~~ [Sir Yes Sir!]


Just 2 random questions….     and…     ~~  there are a whole ton of animes with mystery genres.[ I love mystery~ as long as you don’t give me too much horror in it.. ]…and there are also many characters both in anime and in game, that have electricity/lightning powers… :D… On that note I’ll add one more question…if you had the ability to … Continue reading Randomness~