This is pretty random…it test you on some random animes…


Its pretty easy if you’re an otaku who watches bits and pieces of many genres…Some are very easy to decode from just shuffling the letters around here and there…. No.7 is funny…~ so many Es.. No.9  used to be popular…[its those kind of magical shoujo thingy…so….yeah..(its popularity died sometime back..)]

Have fun~ [if you need the answers or anything…just tell me…o.o.o…its easy enough though..]

5 thoughts on “OTAKU TEST :3 ~

  1. That was fun. Somehow, I expected to miss a few. But if one studies Japanese and keeps up with shows, one can easily decipher at least one word and then the rest fall into place.

  2. yeaps~ its pretty easy once you decipher those short words…like the 2nd one…the last word is ‘ka’ and the 2nd last word [after a little shuffling] would be ‘desu’ …= … what anime has the words ‘desu ka?’ inside? Ans…Kore wa zombie desu ka? ~~

  3. 1. toradora
    2. Kore wa zombie desu ka?
    3. Hayate no Gotoku
    4. ao no exorcist
    5. kimi ni tokode
    6. maid sama
    7. beelzebub
    8. k-on !
    9. shugo chara
    10. fairy tail

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