More pics.. .___.


What are some good anime quotes you have heard? [truthfully, I don’t really remember any quote which anyone has actually said..==lll]






some randomly picked up quotes from the net.. o.olll





Hmm….The first Anime Character? Errm…I’m not really sure…there are a whole bunch of them running through my mine…though if I were to say…Konata’s most likely the best answer..[she’s like this worldwide otaku mascot afterall…~~]

3 thoughts on “More pics.. .___.

  1. For me, the anime character who epitomizes an otaku is Takumi Nishijou of Chaos; Head. Just look him up and you’ll see why.

    As for some great anime quotes:
    “People that dare to disturb a duel shall be run over by a tank!” – Ritsuko of Those Who Hunt Elves
    “This reverse blade slays everything without mercy except for human beings.” – Kenshin Himura
    Those are pretty good!

    1. Have already liked it before you told me to~ :D~ I’m just using some pics for inspiration… o___olll~ and your page is one of the best pages so far out of my bunch of other pages… owo

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