Keroro Gunso~~ [Sir Yes Sir!]

Recently just started watching some random episodes of Keroro Gunso from TV…and well, I don’t really get the plot…though its still lame enough for me to watch…XD

After the couple of episodes which I have watched, I still don’t really get why the humans,[Hinata Family] have to take care of  a bunch of alien frogs….but..Oh wells~

[Left to Right] There’s Sergeant Keroro, and also four other members of the Keroro Platoon: Serious but caring Coporal Giroro , intelligent but trouble-making Sergeant Major Kururu , the ninja, Lance Corporal Dororo ,and Dual Personality(?) Private Second Class Tamama…All in which are taken care of by their own humans… Giroro’s human is Hinata Natsumi, whom he falls in love with , Keroro’s human is Hinata Fuyuki , who considers the Sergeant his only true friend , Kururu’s human is Saburo Mutsumi, who discovered him , Dororo’s human is Koyuki, a fellow ninja , and Tamama’s human is his equal in bipolar insanity, Nishizawa Momoka….All are tied to the Hinatas in some way throughout the events in the anime…

Well, the thing which actually got me interested to watch a bunch of frogs was the Opening and Ending of the anime..Their so random I have no comments on them…=w=lll


(the lyrics aren’t exactly correct… I can’t find one with accurate lyrics… .___. though if you can make out the Japanese words…you can tell it’s really really random…)

…Urghhh…can’t find the song with a good set of English lyrics…+.+  [I couldn’t find ED 9’s lyrics either…=.=]


Well…this ED is kind of negative….talking about all the opposites….(the opposite of something yummy is something inedible…when the champion falls, he’s just a normal person….The Earth is round which makes it easy to roll around…..something like that..? .___. I’m not a good translator…sorry about that…)


@.@ moshiwakearimasen… .____.lll


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