OwOlll [getting even more random..=w=]

Today’s Teachers’ Day~~[my school calls it Appreciation Day…and it sounds better anyways…] So anyway…Happy Appreciation Day to all the random viewers out there who view my blog-site~ Thanks a lot for spending even just a few minutes to actually take the time to view this weird otaku’s site… TwT…

Anyways….Today I just went back to my Primary School to say hello to my past Awesome teacher..o.olll surprised to see that the school has changed so much…and well…I met my Primary School friends too~ And was happy and all…except when they started talking about results… .___. [They all just received their results for their common test exam thingy..] And as usual, all of them did pretty well…And in my mind I was thinking…ugh…

Yeah…something like that…After all, my grades aren’t that good.. >___< I just have no concentration to actually focus on doing something that I’m not interested in… =__=” And even if my grades were good…well, I still can’t exactly compare to them…[their schools are all better than mine..] so..I guess you could say it’s kinda intimidating…owo”

…Well, other than that..I can’t really think of anything pretty interesting to post..other than the fact that one of my teachers liked Hello Kitty a lot.. …I mean, Hello Kitty is O.K…but liking it at her age just feels weird…=w=lll

….*staring at Hello Kitty and wondering why people love it..* I mean…Its seriously weird…And since I like that teacher a lot for always helping us out by giving us advice etc etc, I decided to get her a gift…and what did I get? Well…a Hello Kitty file…

…[imagine walking into a random store and searching through all the folders and files…and afterwards buying only one Hello Kitty File with some weird cute logos on it…moreover, its even weirder when the person who bought it looks nothing like a Hello Kitty fan..] It was really hard to hand the gift over to the teacher too…..[I should have wrapped it..(o////o) ]

…………..*ahem* other than that….

…the poor sushi..

~an awkward ChibiOtaku~

P.S. if anyone knows some effective tips on studying / focusing…Please share~ @.@

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