Fall Anime 2012~~~ \OAO/~

WOOOTS~ Fall Anime 2012 [around October] looks like something to be looking forward to…


click on pic for a bigger and clearer view~ =w=

\OAO/ There’s….Hayate no Gotoku I can’t take My Eyes Off You [an anime  independent from the previous seasons], Chuunibyou demo Koi ga Shitai!, Seitokai no Ichizon [probably a continuation?!], Jormungand 2, CODE:BREAKER [was a pretty popular manga if I’m correct…..], Bakuman 3, Little Busters! [from a popular(?) visual novel]  and a bunch of other awesome looking ones.. \OwO/

A few of the air dates are already on animecalendar…[most aren’t updated yet but will be when October slowly crawls closer..]

*super excited mode* o.o..



Agree with the girls~ =w=~ its not “just an anime”. Its AWESOMENESS. ~ \OAO/~

2 thoughts on “Fall Anime 2012~~~ \OAO/~

  1. I must be getting overcritical in my old age. Only Robotics; Notes and Zetsuen no Tempest look interesting. Though I liked Jormungand in the beginning, I eventually began to dislike that title; so I won’t be watching season two. I must admit that I’m also interested in K, but that’s because of all the mystery surrounding just what this series is about.

    1. O.o~ hopefully you’ll come to like more of them as they’re slowly released…and HOPEFULLY they’ll make more interesting plots of different genres..o.o

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