K-ON! -The Movie-

Just watched it and thus, shall write a brief description on the movie..

In the beginning, me and my friends were sitting on the floor watching the show happily..Well, the beginning was OK at first…though let’s just say middle to the end was kinda…draggy? They talk a whole lot on extra stuff which wasn’t really needed…the whole thing probably takes up to almost 2 hours…and they were mostly talking about where they wanted to go..and the stuff which they did there…what’s more, the stuff in which they talked about was pretty random..So basically its like…they should sing more and talk lesser…..


The movie is basically about the seniors of the Light Music Club [Yui, Mio, Ritsu, and Mugi] graduating, and about them going overseas for a graduation trip and at the same time, to give their junior, [Azusa] a nice present. [Usually isn’t supposed to ba the juniors giving their graduating seniors something? o.o] Thus, they spent alot of time deciding where to go and end up allowing their turtle to choose the location…They also decided  to write a song dedicated to Azusa.


And…since ton-chan [the turtle] touched Mio’s cup, they’re headed off to London. Impressive decision by a turtle indeed. o.o

Well, they reached London and went around sightseeing..
And afterwards, they got hungry and settled down at a sushi restaurant, happily thinking that they could try out sushi………..but instead, they were asked to perform at that sushi restaurant.. O.o [The owner of the store misunderstood and thought that they were the performers who were scheduled to perform for their restaurant..(they were carrying guitars too..)]

Ritsu trying to get the store owner to understand that they are customers and not the performers……

XD~ awesome English there~o.o …They ended up getting stressed out and just performed for the restaurant anyways..

Too bad they didn’t get to eat any free sushi after their hard work…o.o

Still, they continued their sightseeing and performing in London..

The people who made the movie did an awesome job making the scenery and structure of London…O.o~ After their last performance, they immediately rushed to the airport, and flew back to Japan. All was well..except that they during their stay in London, they didn’t finish writing their song for Azusa…..

But in the end, they DID finish making the song for Azusa. And thus, “Tenshi ni fureta yo!” [touched by an angel] was sung and dedicated to Azusa~

Azusa should be very happy that she has such a bunch of awesome seniors who would actually do something for her like that…………..\(T^T)/



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