Oreki Houtarou, joins Kamiyama High School’s Classic Literature Club at the request of his older sister, to stop it from being abolished, joined by fellow members Chitanda Eru, Fukube Satoshi, and Ibara Mayaka. This may look like those normal comedy romance school life thingy at first glance, but its actually more on mystery and stuff…[which is why I feel that it should be their club should be renamed from ” Classics Literature Club” to “Mystery Club” or something like that..owo]

A word to describe Oreki would be….”lazy”. As it is said that among the 7 deadly sins, he would be “sloth”. Having a motto of ” If I don’t have to do it, I won’t. If I have to, I’ll make it quick.” With that, he just slacks most of the time staring out of windows and slumping on the table claiming that he’s ‘conserving his energy’. Yet when he actually uses his brain once in awhile to solve some mysteries, his theories are all pretty accurate…

Thus the plot starts with him using hiss brain to solve some little mysteries in the beginning…[not hardcore stuff like deaths or murders like that…but more of like small mysteries which we sometimes find intriguing.]

Chitanda Eru : *curious mode on* XD ” watashi, kininarimasu!”  [I am Curious!]

One day, Chitanda Eru discusses the mystery of her uncle, whose words made her cry when she was young. [Her uncle left school for some unknown reason, (he was also in the Classic Literature Club) and they found this book called “Hyouka” which talked a little about her uncle.]

However, she can’t remember what her missing uncle had said that made her cry and thus, wants to remember what he said to her and to find out what happened to him. [She thought about it as it was due soon that the law would pronounce her uncle dead as he was missing for almost 7 years..] Houtarou thus agrees to help.

The club organized a meet-up to discuss Eru’s uncle’s mystery. At Eru’s house, each member (consisting of Eru, Hotarou, Satoshi and Mayaka) presents their summary of research and their theories. When it was Hotarou’s turn, he asks to use the toilet, then pieces together his own theory from all of the other members’ presentations. He explains that Eru’s uncle and other students might have negotiated with the teachers not to cut short the period of the Culture Festival, but the price was the uncle’s expulsion from the school.[something to do with the teachers wanting to cut short their Culture Festival from 5 days to 2 days..and back then, this festival meant everything to the students…so apparently, the students went on a strike.] As the mystery is solved, all members leave, but Eru still wonders why she cried at her uncle’s words.

At the end of this mystery, Houtarou realizes there are still holes in his theory, after a phone conversation with his sister. He then confronts the school librarian, Kōriyama Yōko, who was present at the time of the incident involving Eru’s uncle. She reveals that Eru’s uncle was forced onto taking responsibility for the student’s strike from shortening the Culture Festival and thus it was not completely of his will that he was expelled. [He was forced upon the position as a leader..basically, he was he ‘bait’.]

His final wish was to name the Classic Literature Club anthologies as “Hyouka”.

Which, in its translation to English reveals it to be “ice cream”. However, the true meaning was to be a play of the words “ice cream” and thus, this was the true meaning.

Thus, he’s telling the future Classic Literature Club members to be strong, as he is forcibly expelled from his beloved Culture Festival. [and his school too.] Eru cries at the message, remembering that her question to her uncle on that day was of the true meaning of “Hyouka”.

And this is just the beginning of their mysteries~ owo

Hyouka OP -Yasashisa no Riyuu



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