Recently joined this anime music group on FB…the people posted their anime piano playing on the group and I was staring…~~and I guess…you could say I got inspired while seeing them…so I went on to Youtube to check out if there were any other awesome piano anime players…and..I FOUND ONE. >w< This person’s awesome…She’s….marasy8 desu~ [btw the monkey down there’s like some kind of signature trademark of hers….so cute..owo ]

COMPARE : Matyroshka





There are a whoooolllleeee lot of other songs which she played on the piano…most of them came from Vocaloid, but there are also some interesting ones..


Many gamers should be able to relate to this….><~ If it’s still not clear as to what it is, you must definitely hear 1.44 onwards…XD. Anyways…the picture itself is this HUGE giveaway….owo~~

Well, I guess you could say she inspired me to TRY learning piano…not that I have a piano at home….though I do try to learn the notes and chords and stuff first… o___o”’

Anyways~ on that note, guess I’ll be a bit inactive for awhile….The huge horrible mountain called EXAMS are coming up soon…guess I’ll have to start my quest in climbing up that mountain…=w=

Last but not Least…guess I’ll add an additional song at the end…

Kumikyoku Nico Nico Douga~




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