owo~ Any new anime out yet? =w=~

Hmm…Not many new ones are out yet…Though there’s Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun.[It’s supposed to be..”The Monster beside me” ..But they somehow changed it to..”My Little Monster” …so…wadever…==”’] , Hiiro no Kakera Dai ni Shou, and…Shinsekai Yori…owo”’ Don’t get what’s with the title for Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun….as far as I read the summary, [more like just browsed through it..but yeah..] I don’t remember there being any monsters…more like some romance plot…o.o…kinda looking forward to some action-comedy these days…=w=

Mmmm….Oh yeah, there’s also a Code Geass OVA….OAO [currently in the midst of watching it…]

And….As far as I know, everyone’s still waiting for the much anticipated anime, K to come out…>w<

=w=…shall just post some photos…

Hiiro no Kakera. From the looks of it, it looks like a Galge…==

Shinsekai Yori. The summary doesn’t sound all that bad…but visual wise, it looks kinda like those shoujo school-life kinda plot…o___o maybe I’ll try watching 1 episode of it 1st…

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