Psycho-pass. Some new anime airing on the 11th October…and apparently, ermm…I can’t find a summary for it.. o____o

Anyways, here’s he trailer~ It looks kinda cool…

Those who understand Japanese can have fun learning more about the plot~ Those who don’t, well, you can look at the awesome graphics…It looks totally mecha…though there’s also some mystery in it I guess…Ermm…from some words in the trailer, I hear about some kind of Police Force with some kind of crime thingy..So…yeah, my bet is on it being a mystery anime…owo~

They’re saying that the characters from this anime looks kinda similar to the ones from Katekyo Hitman Reborn…o.o

And yes, they have some pretty cool gadgets…[I like that watch…owo”’ and that’s an awesome looking gun they have….]

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