K project & Btooom o.o

A bunch of new anime are out~ Zetsuen no Tempest, K project, and Btooom….And YES. I have watched K-Project….And I must say, even though I still don’t know much of the plot….the action and graphics already look so friggin AWESOME~


This anime has many bishounens. And lolis. owo~


This skate boarding dude’s [Yata…(?)] pretty cool….First, they show him standing at the rooftop of this building…and the next thing you know, he’s asked to jump into one of the apartments or whatever you call them…From the roof. but anyways…they all more or less have their own kind of powers…so they won’t die that easily I guess….[it still looks kinda cool seeing a normal looking skateboarder crashing into someone’s apartment….owo”’]

The cat’s cute… =w=~


Err…I shan’t [more like can’t] talk about the plot…[cause I seriously still have no idea what it’s about…o___o]  I only know that the main character’s currently being chased in episode 1…though why he’s being chased, we still don’t know…That white haired guy’s the main character[ whose name I have forgotten.]…

-why is it that I can’t find the opening/sound track of K episode 1 on youtube???? -.- [it has most of the character’s names and stuff…and the opening/soundtrack was pretty cool showing the display of awesome graphics….]


Other than K, there’s Btooom too…I haven’t watched it yet but the plot’s not bad from what I saw in the manga…I won’t talk about the characters and I’ll only touch on a little bit of the summary…but I’ll talk more about the game I guess…Anyways, it’s about some game being reality….[like seriously reality…some whackos remade the game into a reality and they forced everyone to kill at least 7 people on the island in order to return to their normal worlds…]Anyway…the game’s played by using…not guns, not swords, but by using bombs…many different kind of bombs called BIM.[don’t remember what they stand for..] here’s some examples..

The different kind of bombs make the game really interesting…cause it’s more of strategy(?) I guess…The only bad thing about this manga…(and maybe anime) is the part about the girl and the super sadistic boy. Basically it is under the mature side and has vulgarities and ecchiness and stuff…other than that, it’s more or less OK. <[If you don’t count the blood and the dead bodies.] I doubt they would show alot of it in the anime..[which is good.

Some random spoiler below..about how the participants were chosen…

SPOILER> Around 30 and 40 people were chosen to participate in the ‘game’. They were not chosen by random, or voluntarily, but they were chosen by someone who is related to them. [meaning that their relatives/people who knew them found them better off dead and sent them to join that game… .___.]

K is still better(?) I guess…

Oh and…I just saw this small summary on Psycho-pass which I didn’t noticee before…=w=lll

I guess that’s all for now…owo”’

~Exams are ending soon~ \(^-^)/

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