Zetsuen no Tempest

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05/10/2012 by Chibiotaku010

OwO. Another good action-mystery fighting anime…

The story revolves around Fuwa Mahiro, a teenager whose sister, Aika, was mysteriously murdered one year before, and his friend Takigawa Yoshino. For awhile, Mahiro disappears, and everyone’s wondering what happened to him. A few years later, Mahiro reappears before Yoshino, only to have gained some magic.


Mahiro’s magic and movements certainly seem like a work of art…=w=~

Apparently, Mahiro was contacted by Kusaribe Hakaze, the strongest mage ever born into the Kusaribe clan who was left stranded on an unknown desert island by her followers, and agrees to help Hakaze in exchange of her help to find out the culprit for the death of his sister.Why was Hakaze stranded by her followers, and why does she need help? Well, apparently her family has this moronic ambition. In order to gain greater power, they’re trying to awaken something that must never be awakened. [And they dumped Hakaze on an island to hide her from the world to continue their stupid re-awakening of the ambition…]
What is that thing that should never be awaken? Its the Tree of Zetsuen.

Upon learining of his friend’s intentions, Yoshino thus decides to join him on his quest to stand against the Kusaribe Clan who intends to awaken the Tree of Zetsuen’s power which can bring ruin to the entire world.


Several dialogues and plot elements in Zetsuen no Tempest pay homage to the works of William Shakespeare.

“The time is out of joint, O cursed spite That I was ever born to set it right!”  – William Shakespeare Hamlet –

よのなかかんせつわはずれてしまった,    yo no naka kansetsu wa hazurete shimatta,
あなんか呪われた因果か        a nanka norowa reta inga ka,
それをなおすためにうまれついたとわ     sore o naosu tame ni umaretsuita towa


…. I just realised I didn’t show what Yoshino looked like…o.olll

-kinda forgot about him in the process of awing Mahiro’s few seconds of awesome and beautiful power….-


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