1) Blondes. Who do you like most? O.o…

Mine would be Saber[Fate stay night (something which I still have yet to watch)], Hiyori [Bleach], and Hayate? [Hayate no Gotoku]….All of the have totally different personalities…still, their all awesome…~

2) Black-haired bangs…I don’t know why…but black-haired/purple of bangs are my favourite…..*lolicon mode ON*

Eh…anyways…they don’t show names I guess you could go by rows and columns…Anyways, the ones I like are mostly on the first row from the top…There’s Shirakiin Ririchyo  [Inu x Boku ss ( directly in the centre ], Kuroneko [Oreimo (one space at the right from Ririchyo)], and Alice [Kami-sama no memo-chou (4th from the top, 3rd from the left.)]

2 thoughts on “Shoujo-ness…owo

  1. Nothing like a page like this to make me feel old. So many faces I don’t recognize! Anyway, Margery Daw is the best character among the blondes. Among the brunettes, Enma Ai’s my favorite character.

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