ISML – semifinals.

I wonder why I’m randomly posting ISML stuff here..[never used to do this..] But anyways…Misaka Mikoto-sama lost in the quarter finals… >______<



Credits to whoever who did that photo above~ =w=~ Anyways….Let’s continue…



Here are the rest of the people who made it on to the semi finals~ Out of the 4, who would you vote for? Owo….For vote would go to either Taiga or Kanade I guess….though…all of them are awesome in their own ways…\(^-^)/

Well…I guess Misaka being out is OK…[maybe she can exact her revenge next year or something…owo] Anyways~ she may have a 2nd season~~~ 😀 [maybe that would pull her up in the rankings next year?o.o]



Happy voting people~ Here’s the ISML 2012 PV~ owo


Oh, and here are the previous winners of ISML for the past few years~

Left to right : Fate Testarossa 2008 [Nanoha] , Katsura Hinagiku 2009 [Hayate no Gotoku!] , Akiyama Mio 2010 [K-ON!] , Misaka Mikoto 2011 [To aru Kagaku no Railgun]

Who would be the next winner? owo~

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