Halloween Manga Oneshots~

Decided to share some of the Halloween Oneshots scanned by Omari’s sisters…[was actually thinking of waiting 31st October..but…just decided to post it now..]


The Grim Transfer Students


This one-shot came out 2 years ago….Omaris’s sisters, like myself, waited for a year to post this at the right time..[mine isn’t exactly on the actual day of Halloween…but still, at least it’s in October..owo] The title of this one-shot is “Kuro Tenkousei” or literally, “The Black Transfer Students”. Apparently, it sounded very misleading to the people at Omari’s sisters… so they decided to use a synonym for black that captured what the story is truly about.  The word “grim” seemed to fit best, so “The Grim Transfer Students” it is.

Anyways, the plot’s about two students transferring into a new school from their previous school, Seikoku Institute. On the surface, Seikoku Institute appears to be a normal school…However, the truth is that it’s actually an organisation that gathers orphans and trains them to be professional killers. The students from Seikoku Institute are thus sent to certain school to pass judgement on certain people….The two transferees in particular happen to have some unique abilities..[then again, I believe that whole Organisation are filled with people whom have creepy(?) abilities..]…Mikuni Yuzu has Clairvoyance, whereas Kanzaki Atori is this bird user…and the oneshot goes on to show whom, and how they pass judgement..


Yadokari Honpo 

Yadokari Honpo isn’t actually that scary or anything…it’s more touching(?) than creepy…though it does still have the main idea of spirits and stuff inside….I decided not to summarise up the plot…cause I think by doing so it’ll just become a spoiler…x.x…[As you can probably see from past posts, I’m not really good at summarising stuff…]

Errr….Yeaaaahhh…That’s the end of my weird presentation of good Halloween oneshots…All credits go to Omari’s sisters~

If they’re ever going to see this weird site of mine, [which I don’t think many people will..] I would like to thank them for always scanlating awesome stuff to read…owo~ For more awesome oneshots and manga, visit Omari’s sisters desu~

Oh yeah…to the people who happened to read this post too…

don’t upload this to any of the manga aggregators…

Onegaishimasu. The stuff here are all from Omari’s sisters~ If you happen to find them interesting…please do visit and read from their site! All credits go to them~ [The photos..the cleaning..scanlating..translating…etc.]

~Just wants to share some awesome manga made by some awesome people who are out there~ le dazed Chibiotaku.

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