Deredere~ randomness. owo


30/10/2012 by Chibiotaku010

This is completely random..but which dere do you prefer the most?



Hmm…below is this weird flow list. Apparently there are other stuff like Tsunshun and Yangire stuff like that…they’re somewhat the same as Tsundere and Yandere..though with minor differences. o__o



Well..If I were to choose a dere…it would be Kuudere I guess…like the name goes, people who are Kuudere are usually the “cool” type. Tsunderes are not bad either. Though they’re kinda tough to handle when it comes to love and stuff…o.o …The worst dere? …Most likely Yandere….THEY’RE SO CREEPY WHEN IT COMES TO LOVE….><”’

*the otaku who’s bored and starts automaticaly becoming random*


2 thoughts on “Deredere~ randomness. owo

  1. Yukiteru Amano says:

    Honestly, my favorite -dere is Yandere, simply because of how far they will go to please and protect the one they love. It doesn’t hurt to have a girl who’s so purely devoted to you, they throw away their lives and even the lives of others to be with you and make you as happy with them as possible, does it? 😛

    • Well, in some ways, I guess so? hahas owo Though for me, I still find it creepy that you’re willing to throw away the lives of others just because you love someone. I mean, is that person really worth all those lives? lols Though yeah~ its nice to have someone who actually devotes their all to you. owo~

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