OwO Halloween~

Halloween is here~ \(^-^)/

I don’t actually know much about Halloween…except that you’re supposed to go around Trick-or-Treating…We [in Singapore] don’t celebrate Halloween you see…Though if you were to walk on the busy streets you could probably see a bunch of people in various Halloween suits…owo  The Universal Studios in Singapore also has some Halloween event going on which is said to be totally freaky…[though I didn’t go as I would still rather save the money on AFA..owo]

Anyways…moving on…

Manga : Akame ga KILL!  [a.k.a Akame ga KIRU] –Ongoing-

Tatsumi is a fighter who just got robbed by a pretty girl, but his luck seems to be looking up(?), as another pretty girl has taken him in. What he doesn’t know is that the latter is about to be visited by a group of assassins…Apparently, the assassins aren’t only there to kill…they also happen to be recruiting..This story thus goes on about Tatsumi and the group of assassins, also known as Night Raid.

Adapted from Batoto.  Ermm…It’s not really freaky…though if you are scared of disfigured bodies and rolling heads or stuff like that…you can skip it..o__o It didn’t really give me nightmares..


One-shot : Nibun no Ichi [scanlated by Omari’s sisters~]

Another Creepy one-shot..this one is even freakier than the rest..The story goes on about two curious twins who decided to visit a very famous fortune teller. Whatever fate which the fortune teller predicts would definitely be certain to come true..Upon requesting for the fortune teller’s services, a photo appeared, showing the future as to what would happen to the twins…one would of them would die…but who would it be? Would they be able to escape their fate?

As usual…Please. Don’t upload this to any of the manga aggregators. 

Arigatou~ and have a Wonderful Halloween~

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