bored… >_____<

Since its the school holidays for me, I’m supposed to be really glad and relaxed….yet…somehow, I feel too bored to do much of anything…including watching anime..OAO I’m already starting to get bored watching anime..[which is apparently one of my favourite hobbies…] Am about to complete Hidan no Aria, which is not bad of an anime…



Yeaps, it has action and enough comedy to keep me entertained…but I have no idea what I should watch next…Nowadays…I’m hoping for something with more action and fantasy…..making me miss the old animes….example, Full Metal Alchemist, Code Geass, Inuyasha, stuff like that..The current new anime right now aren’t that bad or anything…like..Zetsuen no Tempest, Sukitte ii na yo, and Tonari no Kaibutsu-kun..[ZnT is the only anime with action out of the 3 I just named..the rest are rom-com..o__o]

So…Is there any random action fantasy anime doused with a little bit of comedy? o___o? I hear 07-Ghost is not bad..[something which I have yet to complete..]..though the last time I watched it, I kind of gave up at the first few episodes…. .____.

If possible, you may happily spam me with a bunch of anime which I shall try to watch.. ^__^ 

[Oh yeah. Sadly, I gave up on SAO cause I felt it to have a lack of action in it too….o___o the plot is OK. The actions are so-so. And there doesn’t seem to be much comedy…though..these are just my opinions…tons of people still love that anime…don’t ask me why..o.o] Right now…if there aren’t many suggestions..I’m thinking of continuing Bleach…though it would be hard to find out where I last stop….o___o

2 thoughts on “bored… >_____<

  1. Well, since your giving permission for everyone to spam you, here’s a list of my favorites. If you would like to watch a darker fantasy with action, there’s Wolf’s Rain, Tarakau Shisho (aka the Book of Bantorra), Ga-Reid Zero, Melody of Oblivion, Trinity Blood, Claymore, Blassreiter, or Le Chevalier d’Eon. On the lighter side, there’s Slayers, Those who Hunt Elves, Scrapped Princess, Samurai 7, Last Exile, Read or Die (the series or the OVA), Gokudo, World Destruction, Chrono Crusade, Ruin Explorers, Seirei no Moribito, or Sorceror on the Rocks.

    Well, going through that can keep you busy for awhile! I hope that you find a few titles which you like and haven’t seen.

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