Angel Beats! – TK

Random Post : Just happen to scroll around FB when I saw this….Credits to Anime Tengoku~


Did you know that TK are the initials for Tachibana Kanade? 🙂

Owo…I didn’t think about it until now but yeah, TK are Tachibana Kanade’s initials…though what really made me laugh was Tachibana Kanade, in TK’s clothes, doing TK’s rapping(?)  pose…

Kanade just looks funny, cute, and weird…all at the same time..

Tk’s like this….

Whereas Kanade is like….some fairy on ice..or it’s kinda weird when she’s doing that pose above..^

Oh yeah, And I found this on Youtube too~

*Suddenly feels like rewatching Angel Beats..happened to rewatch the small scene where Yui disappeared..couldn’t help but weep..*

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