Calculate. owo

~~ Time to calculate how much of an otaku you are~ owo


It’s pretty hard calculating…[especially with the GB and stuff…] and there are lots of stuff I’ve never tried above……o.o..but anyways, my score was..14310…not enough to reach a hardcore otaku, but not that bad either I hope..owo”’


6 thoughts on “Calculate. owo

  1. Much better than my score, which is probably around 9,000. (No desire to calculate everything accurately.) Is there a bonus for being nicknamed “the Anime Pope”?

    1. I was very slack with the calculation the score may not be correct..[hehes o-o”’] Anyways, I think that being nicknamed “the Anime Pope” would be something like being called an Otaku…? thus, I have no idea about the bonus…[though you could still add another 250 in if you like ..owo]

  2. I have a couple hundred anime discs, over a 100 anime figures. I am close to 30,000 with that alone

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