AFA 2012

My apologies to anyone who was actually waiting for this to be posted on the 11th November…[Yes, I’ve delayed this post for a long time while trying to find my USB cable..]

Anyways..A brief intro to the people who are wondering what AFA is about..

Anime Festival Asia (AFA) is an anime convention that is organized by Sozo and Dentsu. It was first organized in 2008, during which singers Mizuki Ichirou and May’n were invited as the star highlights.

AFA achieved an overwhelming success with its debut in 2008 due to it being a first of its kind in South east Asia. AFA also holds an industry talk in which prominent figures from the anime industry are invited to discuss the industry’s prospects, socialize and form unique partnerships to further develop the anime/manga scene. ~Adapted from Wikipedia~ [held in Singapore, Indonesia and Malaysia]

AFA 2012 

This year’s AFA was held at Singapore Expo..[in case some of you were wondering] Tickets range from $8 – $60(?) [$8 for the entrance fee, $20 for entrance & stage access (cosplay competitions and movie marathons and such), and $60(?) for entrance, stage access, and the concert. (I’m not sure who was there at the concert this year…but I’m guessing it was pretty amazing too..owo)

Hmmm…What do we have at AFA? Well…First off, upon entering the place, you see a figurines on display….

2012-11-11 13.09.35

2012-11-11 13.12.32

2012-11-11 13.12.23

2012-11-11 13.10.07

2012-11-11 13.10.12

2012-11-11 13.10.20

2012-11-11 13.09.53

2012-11-11 13.12.48

2012-11-11 13.13.05

2012-11-11 13.27.50


Afterwards, upon walking around, you’ll get to see booths like these which sell cosplay items. [wigs..clothes..etc]

2012-11-11 13.29.39

2012-11-11 13.29.53


Another thing is that they seem to have lots of posters sticked onto the walls…o.o~ The posters usually feature various famous(?) and recent anime.

2012-11-11 13.49.21

2012-11-11 13.48.43

2012-11-11 13.49.09

2012-11-11 13.49.34

2012-11-11 13.51.32

2012-11-11 13.50.50

2012-11-11 13.52.06

2012-11-11 13.52.27


Of course, there were many cosplyers there~ owo They’re all so cool and pretty walking around with colouful oufits and wigs and carrying weapons and such..

2012-11-11 14.04.27

2012-11-11 15.03.22

2012-11-11 15.03.46

2012-11-11 15.03.58

2012-11-11 15.05.29

2012-11-11 15.06.07

2012-11-11 15.06.43

2012-11-11 15.10.11

2012-11-11 15.10.26

2012-11-11 15.13.03

2012-11-11 15.12.31

2012-11-11 15.17.16

Some random stuff which me and my friend splurged on…[as you can see, most of them are badges] In case you’re wondering, thats what most booths sell…Sadly, they don’t sell anime DVDs or soundtracks or manga and stuff like that there… .___. mostly badges, paintings, artworks, decals, and other stuff like pouches, bags, shirts…etc..

2012-11-11 15.44.59

Well, that’s more or less on what I wanted to post about~  Of course, these are just a few of the photos which I took. There are many many more photos which I have on my phone…and if I did upload all of them in one shot, our fingers would probably be aching from all the scrolling down which we have to do…[mine is already starting to ache.. .___. ]

In case you’re wondering if that’s all there is at AFA, well, nope, that’s not all. There are also autographing sessions with LiSa, a karaoke [sing to the lyrics] booth, and other stuff there too~

Overall, last year’s AFA was better..the whole(?) building was pack filled with lots of cosplayers who were slacking, eating, and knowing each other better…I don’t cosplay, though I do hope that someday, I would be able to…owo~

That’s all for now I guess?~ o.o~

6 thoughts on “AFA 2012

  1. the figures of madoka magica, black rock shooter and vocaloid are really cuteee !! >o</
    and, are the posters there really big ?? (i know, a wierd question xD) haha, i mean, they look big on your pics xD

  2. oh, yeah….(i know that i am slowly getting on your nervs :P)
    i just wanted to let you know that i really like your blog ^^

    1. Don’t worry you may spam me however much you like..owo~ I don’t always get comments, so I’m happy to receive them~ [Thank you for actually taking time to see this blog~ \(^-^)/~]

      Yeah, the posters were like…huge…If you check the first cosplay photo on that post..[The one with someone cosplaying Lavi from D.gray man] Well, one poster could fit nicely on one partition. owo~
      And no, I couldn’t find LiSa… .___. Either I was too late for her autographing session thing…or it was on some other date..I’m not sure.. o___o
      ~Thank you for liking my blog~ \(owo)/

      1. awwwww no prob (^.<)/

        haha, sounds cool
        haha, it would be cool if they had a poster like a real life (i mean real height….) version of some characters, that would be cool, you could see how bigger of smaller you are from that character (sorry, there are just coming wierd words from me,,,,x'D)
        ahhh,,,,tooo bad 😛
        no prob, my pleasure ^^

      2. Lols~ If they had those posters I’m guessing I would be shorter than most of them..XD
        But I’m guessing they can’t really make stuff like that..if they would have to do a poster of a gundam…wouldn’t it be like..huuuuuuuuge? owo.
        Then people would focus on the big thing and not really notice the smaller ones… o__o idk lols….though..they could try making stuff like that.owo [then maybe next time if I DO cosplay..I can find characters of my height.=w=~]

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