Winter 2012/13 Anime~

Its already starting to snow on wordpress.. o__o Why doesn’t Singapore have snow…T^T

Anyways~ Christmas is coming soon~ owowo Looking forward to all the presents and trees and lighting..~

Anyways, onwards to the main topic~



What looks nice?

Hmm…I’m looking forward to Savanna Game, Bakumatsu Gijinden Roman, Cuticle Detective Inaba, and..maybe some others? owo…Maoyuu Maou Yuusha is some popular manga too I think..[the original version is the light novel apparently..o.o]

There’s a To aru Majutsu no Index movie too~ \(>w<)/ [It airs on 23rd Feb 2013 though.o.o

Here’s the bigger version of the photo… >>



5 thoughts on “Winter 2012/13 Anime~

  1. Well, this is probably just me, but the winter season looks absolutely atrocious! The only show which even caught my eye was the Bakumatsu one. Fortunately, this means I can go back and catch up on all the shows from prior seasons, which I have yet to watch. Another season like this and I might catch up completely!

    1. Well, maybe there would be others which may not look nicer at first glance…o.o [like how a bunch of people thought SAO was awesome..but I don’t think it is anymore..(gave up after 10 episodes)]
      Soooo…Hopefully when the time comes you would be able to like more new anime? o.o~
      And yeah, it would be a good time to catch up the older anime…. owo~

      1. I’m pretty terrible when it comes to keeping up with current anime. According to my account on Anime Planet, I’m slowly plodding through five new shows, stalled in 27, and want to watch or at least try 178 shows or movies. So, it’s okay if the next four seasons are filled with flops–at least, in my case.

        But, you should give some older anime a shot. They’re some real gems like Gokudo, Gunsmith Cats, Bubblegum Crisis, Crest of the Stars, Jubei-chan, etc. which get passed up by younger fans because in favor of newer shows. Though, I must confess to not going back to older shows until newer ones began to feel cliche.

        But, I’m sure that you’ll come out with some good articles on the winter season’s shows if they’re are any good ones among them. 🙂

      2. Owo…okays. Shall post up on some stuff which looks nice to me then. If there are any nice ones which appeal to you, you could slowly check them out then.owo
        ~Let’s hope that there’ll be more good anime with awesome plots…and hopefully more action…~

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