Is the world coming to an end? I believe not..owo but anyways…

world end


O.o…lols What would you do before the world comes to an end? owo… I guess… I would just continue anime-ing… manga-ing…eating snacks…and prepare for an early christmas…[If I actually even have enough time to prepare..owo”’]

Though for us otakus…it really would be kinda sad if the world ends…no more next episodes/chapters…no more conventions…no more otaku friends…T^T …that would be really sad..

Therefore people~ Live each day to the fullest~ and do your best in everything~ \(*A*)/

7 thoughts on “21/12/12

  1. Well, I have heard that one should live each day as if they were going to die the next day. But, when it comes to the end of the world, I feel safest on days when people say the world is going to end: I take that as sufficient proof that the world definitely won’t end then. On other days of the year, I’m not so sure. πŸ™‚

    1. Well, if it really was the end of the year, what do you think it would be like? O.o~

      And yeah, I ended up happily sleeping when the world was supposed to end. πŸ˜€

      1. As I understand the end of the world, many afflictions will fall on us and the nations will be in chaos until the Son of God comes again. Shortly before the end, there will be one last call to receive God’s mercy, which everyone will hear. Then, the Son of Man will come in glory with His angels to judge everyone, placing the repentant, those who begged God for mercy, on His right and the unrepentant, those who refused to beg for God’s mercy, on His left. The former He will reward with eternal life in His Kingdom, while the unfaithful will receive eternal damnation.

        Well, there you have it: my uneducated opinion on the end of the world. Basically, when it happens, you won’t be able to miss it. πŸ™‚

        But, I’m glad that you slept through the supposed end of the world. lol

  2. i was the ultimate “its going to be the end of the world” in my class….i even made a countdown on the board every day =w=”
    and i heard that the end will come in 12:11h (in our timezone) and i told everyone about that, and everything, i made big goodbyes ect…, and when 12:11h arrived i nevously looked up on the window (everyone looked at me) and when 12:12h came everyone started to laught and calling me, and pointing to their watches, and i just yelled “its a little late, it will come, it will come” …but it never did T-T
    haha, just kidding, i mean= yes i did everything i just said up there….i even bet with a friend…..i lost chocolate T-T but it was just for fun ^^ i didnt really believed the end was comming xD

    1. O.o..If the world was really ending, what would you think it would be like? o.o.o~
      And yeahs I doubt that the end would come so fast…or at least, I hope so~ owo~

      1. idk, an invasion of yuki aliens (the melancholy of haruhi suzumiya) xD
        haha, yeah true πŸ˜€

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