Last day of the year~~

Sorry for not posting in a while..xAx”

It’s gonna be a brand new year in a few hour’s time in SG~

By the way, A Happy New Year to everyone~

What did you get for Christmas Presents by the way? I didn’t really receive a lot of presents..[my relatives somehow have this tradition of NOT giving presents on Christmas…cause they find it too troublesome..(which I can kinda understand..)] Thus, I didn’t really receive much…Though my friend gave me this awesome present during Christmas~

2012-12-31 22.34.22


They’re a bunch of Japanese workbooks~~ OAO Makes the art of learning Japanese words much easier…really happy that I received these books….[even though they’re second hand..XD]

Anyways~ Here’s hoping that the next year would be a good one~ XD~

11 thoughts on “Last day of the year~~

    1. Thanks~
      and YEAHH~~~
      My Facebook was kinda spammed with whether there was really going to be a season 2….>w<
      So now that its coming out…I hope that season 2 will be as awesome as ever~ 😀 ~

      1. Haha,yeah i hope for that too xD
        Hey,btw.i have a question, you watched to aru majutsu no index, right? I am at it now, i paused on episode 7 to watch ao no exorcist (i have that crazy rule-> just watch one anime, i mean-> dont watch other animes while you didnt finis that one xD dont ask why because i would write a whole bible to answer to that xD) and for me,right now, it is super boring,so,here comes the question….is it going to get interesting later on ?? :-/

      2. Well….episodes 10-14 are about Misaka Mikoto and the best level 5 in the city…so that was not bad (for me at least owo)….the next few episodes towards the ending wasn’t so bad either…
        I gave up watching To aru majutsu no Index 2nd season though..mostly cause I couldn’t really understand what they were talking about.. o__o”’
        I love the Railgun series though~ looking forward to Railgun season 2~~~~~ \(^w^)/ misaka mikoto sama~

      3. hey, btw. do you maybe know when it will be realised, i mean this was just an announcment 😛

      4. Oh yeah…Apparently, NOW i got news that To aru Kagaku no Railgun II would be aired on April… owo~? I don’t know if it’s true..but there is this article pic thingy thich they posted on FB…so…maybe? o.o~

      5. Hmm hmm, February ?! I dont really know, isnt it a little too early ?? Lol,i dont mean for the fans tho xD

      6. haha, yeah xD
        who wouldnt i mean, its really interesting (at least the 1st season was) 🙂

      7. yeah ! i saw that too just not, i thought to tell you xD
        myanime list says the same *exciteddddd* (>w<)/
        btw. you have the link of myanime list in my 1st comment here :-))

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